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053 Too Lazy

053 Too Lazy published on No Comments on 053 Too Lazy

Captain Awesome is a complete Bastard, a shithead even, to paraphrase the IT crowd’s Roy (Chris O’Dowd). There’s a fine art about someone like him, I’m sure there are actually chicks who love this kind of guy. even if they are chicken heads LOL

Right here you have some serious social commentaries sort of. You have Cap who clearly is a super frat boy. and he represents every douche guy ever at a frat kegger. and then you have Mega Maiden, a super-powered or rather just EMPOWERED female who doesn’t pine for any males or acts like a damsel in distress. I guess one could even say This is a classic Sex war battle here, one for the ages as they are both extremes of the socio-conceptual they represent. This was not a planned concept, it’s more of a situation that eased its way from reading a lot of blogs by females who write their essays for their liberal women’s class via a blog about comics as a whole. and the over-pretentious males who only buy comics cuz someone looks like a stripper or a harlot or what have you.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a voice on these matters, as my stories are my voice, and these posts are just little social commentaries on the subjects at hand.

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