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Punch triangle and the NEW Defenders of Absolute Justice make their big entrance. Garnet is ready for the show, Lizzy just wants to go home. Dee Dee and Isis discuss Isis' dislike for Punch Triangle.

progress is progress!

progress is progress! published on No Comments on progress is progress!

Just finished the layouts/roughs for the last few pages of this coming week’s Mega Maiden pages! Then we start MM #30!! I am so pumped!

I also finalized the the outline for the rest of season 7. I cannot wait! Some really cool stuff planned! Oh yeah starting Monday, we are back to our normal 3x a week schedule!!


Good news comes in twos!

Good news comes in twos! published on No Comments on Good news comes in twos!

so first things first! This coming week is my last week working two locations. Which means…. Come next Monday we will back to our regular three times a week schedule! Yay!!

good news part deux!

the second good news is I got the first batch of Season 1 books! and they’re absolutely beautiful!!! Comix Well Spring did a fantastic job!

So next payday I’m going to pick up shipping supplies for the books, and then I’ll put up a page on the site where you can buy a copy. Just letting you know the time schedule 😁🤘(2weeks)

Well that’s it for today! Have a great weekend!!


Temporary schedule change!

Temporary schedule change! published on No Comments on Temporary schedule change!

So for like the next 2 months I’ll be covering two locations for work. So I hate to say this but there’s no way I’m going to be able to put out 3 pages of Mega Maiden every week. I’m going to try to at least get you one comic page every week, maybe two. But no promises!

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know!

sorry, gang.


running a bit late!

running a bit late! published on No Comments on running a bit late!

hey, Megafam! Like the title says, I’m running a little late today. I have layouts, lettering and about 30% of today’s page done. But I gotta work! Lol

comic should be up around 11 or 12pm (California time lol I think that’s PST?)

thanks for being patient!

and if you haven’t yet please back the campaign for the Omnibus (seasons 1-2)

Kickstarter Update (week 1)

Kickstarter Update (week 1) published on No Comments on Kickstarter Update (week 1)

We got the Kickstarter for Mega Maiden omnibus 1 up to 21% over the weekend! Let’s see if we can’t get it up to 40% this week!
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Mega Maiden’s first kickstarter!!

Mega Maiden’s first kickstarter!! published on No Comments on Mega Maiden’s first kickstarter!!

HEY!! So, today’s the big day! My first Kickstarter for Mega Maiden was launched today! the plan is to publish an Omnibus that collects season one and two into one glorious and fun 216 page book!

Please consider backing this project! I pretty much just want to get this book made and into your hands! so please check it out! Mega Maiden, Omnibus 1(season 1 & 2) by Andeh Pinkard — Kickstarter

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