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  • 20 years in the future and villains still have powers/anatomy that I don’t fully understand. Is the canon a part of him or the suit? There is/was a guy who had butts for hands so anything is possible lol – MakoMan295

Well, male supers are usually man-made like science experiments and such. There have been some occasions where an alien disease caused powers(Captain Awesome to name one). And there’s been a lot of item-based abilities, which we learned (in season 6) came from Lunasians way back in ancient days.

Now females who aren’t using empowered-objects, are all generally natural-born metas descendants of the original Lunasians “pantheon”. Any supers in the current timeline are HyperActives: offspring of the multiversal refugees from season 4. I should note the HyperActive gene is only active in females.

  • So , we have seen Mega Maiden’s mom in the last episode of the comic. Will we ever see ISIS Cook’s dad ? And does she have any siblings? Or was she the only child? -Michael Burkeen

We will definitely meet Isis’ Dad some day, there’s plans for it but that won’t be for a long, long time! As for siblings; as far as we know she’s an only child. And her “adoptive” parent family the Cooks didn’t have any kid’s. So there’s no sibs there either.

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