012 Robotic Revolution

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It’s The girls’ neighbor, Erik(as previously mentioned). I guess it’s a good thing he’s friends with Dee Dee.  and what is this? sentient robots?! OMG is it … why yes, it’s some Super Crims!!! :O

020 Partners

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In a way, he reminds me of Snapper Karr when they used him in the 90’s Young Justice series. I loved that book. It’s so sad that it’s gone. I like Erik, there’s something about him. But it seems we now have a pretty good team and their own “oracle” LOL yay!

026 Home Invaders

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Time for a friendly home visit! Haha, I love how Dee Dee pretty much has no respect for Erik whatsoever haha. And Isis is just chilling there like it’s normal haha! Well, I guess it’s time to find out what the ol’ chap wanted…