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115 Viral Blunders

115 Viral Blunders published on No Comments on 115 Viral Blunders

and now you’ve met the girls! So what do you think of Amazontits™(now called Amazoness) and CockBlock™(and CB)?

These two girls Have been sitting on the shelf for a few years. I’m excited to be able to use them.

I Created Amazoness before I created Mega Maiden actually, and as such unlike megs’ she was heavily inspired by the likes of DC comics’ Wonder Woman – won’t lie! But as always I wanted to take things in a more over-the-top approach.

And cock block came just out of pure fun. Originally was going to call her The Hand, as in talk to the hand and so forth but then I came up with this name and thought it was solid gold. what do you think?

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