Alliance: Crimefighter 

Powers: Psionic abilities.

Bio: Can mentally create and control psi-axes. Delaney is not the kind of girl to cower away from people or obstacles. She’s a pretty face with a mean streak. While she likes to spend her free time getting drunk and watching bad movies and anime, she equally loves wrapping criminal faces around her fists. Delaney’s actions are usually not thought out, because she tends to be an “act first, think later” type of person. This definitely hinders the girls’ rep as superheroes. Don’t you dare mistake her personality for a sociopath, Delaney may put her self in danger a lot of times but she would never cause harm to anyone she considers a friend. If you did cause harm to somebody she was close to, you’d have one angry little metahuman whooping your butt in no time flat.

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In a way, he reminds me of Snapper Karr when they used him in the 90’s Young Justice series. I loved that book. It’s so sad that it’s gone. I like Erik, there’s something about him. But it seems we now have a pretty good team and their own “oracle” LOL yay!