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Teen Isis/Mega Maiden

Teen Isis/Mega Maiden published on No Comments on Teen Isis/Mega Maiden

So, as I’m working and kind of figuring things out for the Mega Maiden #0 prequel comic book, I thought I would work on Isis/Mega Maiden’s teen looks. I’ve only ever drew her like this inĀ one scene, so I could use the practice.Ā 

See she wasn’t always the curvy superheroine we know today!

Origin one-shot?

Origin one-shot? published on No Comments on Origin one-shot?

So I came up with an idea to do a one-shot about Mega Maiden before her move to The City, when she first got the Tiara from Lady Facepuncher. A definite origins story.

I’m thinking full color and probably gonna try to take it to Kickstarter. Hopefully this time it’ll have a bit more success. I feel maybe a single issue/origin story might be easier to get people to bite.

What are your thoughts?

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