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About Webtoons

About Webtoons published on No Comments on About Webtoons

so, with all the bad things going down at Twitter I plan to be deleting my account there. “What’s this have to do with Webtoons?” You might be asking, fair enough.

You see, when I signed up for Webtoons, I used my Twitter account. I mean at the time there was no indication that Twitter would be going anywhere all those years back. So, I reached out to Webtoons about the situation. They told me they had no way of changing how I sign-in.

Their suggestion? Make a new account using my email, and reupload all my comics. Dude, that’s years of comics and multiple series. How do I even justify that? I’m not going to re-upload all those series, no way.

I will make a new account to keep following the creators that I do there. But will no longer be mirroring Mega Maiden, or any of my comics there.

just thought I’d let everyone know.

peace ✌️

Bad News comes in twos

Bad News comes in twos published on No Comments on Bad News comes in twos

Well, guys… I’m sorry to say but my back-up xp-pen tablet decided to take a crap on me today. First the Picassotab breaks and now this!

So I wont be able to get a new tablet until payday. That means no comics until then, so gimme a few weeks(for delivery time too!) then we should be able to get back into the swing of things.

sorry :'(

ugh! Whyyyyy!!!!

ugh! Whyyyyy!!!! published on No Comments on ugh! Whyyyyy!!!!

Bad news. I accidentally broke the screen on my tablet while working on Mega maiden. I was able to save and after hard work I was able to transfer the files to my laptop.

Sigh… I have an old huion tablet I might be able to use to finish this page. But I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a new drawing tablet. Probably for another 3-4 weeks 😢 we’ll see if I’m able to stay on schedule, but no promises guys.

Sorry. 😭

What if we go to print…?

What if we go to print…? published on No Comments on What if we go to print…?

So, I been thinking 🤔

if I was going to print season 1 as a tpb (issues 1-5) would you prefer it to be in color or keep it b/w with just color covers? And if I chose to go this route and went with crowdfunding, would you actually back something like that? I mean I’d definitely toss in some extras into the book too. JS.

Would you prefer printed versions in color or b/w?

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A change in the house of MOON!! xD

A change in the house of MOON!! xD published on No Comments on A change in the house of MOON!! xD

lol bad Deftones joke was bad!

So you may have noticed we’ve moved back to using WordPress for the site again. While I liked Comic CTRL, it just wasn’t for me. it was a bit too limiting for a person who likes tinkering a lot lol

I plan to eventually redo the cast page completely, but I’m not ready for that yet. So, hang in there for that.

well, that’s that! here’s to the future! xD

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