Alliance: Crimefighter

Powers: Mechakinesis

Bio: This is the second super “cap” we’ve met so far, and amazingly the coolest. He just has such a laid-back attitude, seems like the kind of cape who would throw back a beer with you on the job. you know? And he has the coolest powers Ever! He has a form of mechakinesis he can change any piece of machinery into anything he wants. whether it be a Mecha fist or an exo-armor. whatever!

031 The Beat

031 The Beat published on No Comments on 031 The Beat

I’ve always thought you’d need a kind of system so that heroes to overcrowd certain areas, like say DOWNTOWN or w/e. So, I thought, why not give ‘em a beat? Y’know, like cops? Sammi is going to be a fun addition to the supporting cast around here