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Press Release- Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1

Press Release- Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1 published on No Comments on Press Release- Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1

Hey, there! My name is Andeh Pinkard, I’ve been writing and drawing webcomics for twenty years. I’ve been drawing and creating my own comic universes since I was in high school. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of stories from slice-of-life to harem action-comedy manga, and crazy over-the-top urban scifi-fantasy. Through it all I always had this unending want to sink my teeth into the superhero genre. If I was going to do this, it was going to be on my terms. Packed to the brim with all the things I loved, and that grew to be my comic series “Mega Maiden”.

So, just what is “Mega Maiden” you ask? Well, it’s a love letter to all the things that sparked my love for comics and manga. Yes, it’s a superhero comic, but it’s so much more! MM was heavily influenced by all the things I love, everything from 80’s-90’s buddy-cop anime like the Dirty Pair, to the fun teenage superhero adventures of comics of the late ’90s like Gen 13 and Young Justice and of course the absurdity of Ben Edlund’s The Tick, all sprinkled with a little of my punk/pop-punk aesthetic that I tend to do with all my work. Think 2 Broke Girls with superpowers and pop-punk vibes.

The story follows the continuing misadventures of Isis Cook and Delaney “Dee Dee” Bell, who as Mega Maiden and the Chop Chop Princess try their hand at fighting crime by punching super crim faces one at a time! Unfortunately for the girls, most of the big-league superheroes are total douchebags! 

This 1st out of 7 issues starts with the girls returning home after spending the last year helping out some out-of-town friends. Before the girls can even settle in back home in The City, they are interrupted when a new dangerous villain from Mega’s past, calling herself Nega Maiden, starts to cause destruction to get Mega Maiden out in the open. Will Mega be able to figure out who she is, and what she wants before she destroys The City?

I have chosen to use Kickstarter’s crowd funding site to get this book funded and into people’s hands. Crowdfunding is a great way to help creators reach their goals while also helping them connect with potential readers and fans. I have over three more weeks until the campaign ends. We can continue building a bigger audience and create more fun stories for readers to enjoy. There’s something special about Mega Maiden, you can tell that every page is written and drawn with love and hot-blooded energy.

I want you to join the mega-fam and join in on the fun! Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter launched!!!!!

Kickstarter launched!!!!! published on No Comments on Kickstarter launched!!!!!

Yo! I just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Mega Maiden: Welcome Home!(aka season 3 #1)

It’s about the lives of two punk girl besties who like punching crims and super vills for fun! lol

please go check it out, back it, and/or share it!

Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1

Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1 published on No Comments on Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1

I’m back with a new campaign! This time around I decided to start publishing each season(starting with season 3) as mini-series. But I definitely didn’t want to just give you something you can already get for free, so I went ahead and colored each and every page!

so the campaign has pre-launched on Kickstarter, so head on over there and sign up to get notifications. like that you won’t miss when it goes live.


Issues in print update 6/3/24

Issues in print update 6/3/24 published on No Comments on Issues in print update 6/3/24

I’ve mentioned before about publishing physical issues. so here’s where we’re with that –

I decided to start with season 3, aka the soft reboot. But it’d be lame to publish it as is. so I’ve begun to color the pages. I’m almost halfway through the first issue. once I have it done, I’ll take it to Kickstarter to try to get it done and in people’s hands.

just thought I’d give y’all an update on this.

Mega Maiden #35 now on Global Comix!

Mega Maiden #35 now on Global Comix! published on No Comments on Mega Maiden #35 now on Global Comix!

I just published Mega Maiden #35. Read it online on GlobalComix #comics #action via @globalcomix

Mega Maiden season 2 TPB now in shop!

Mega Maiden season 2 TPB now in shop! published on No Comments on Mega Maiden season 2 TPB now in shop!

Mega Maiden season 2: Best Friends for Never?! – is available now!

It collects Mega Maiden #6-9 and contains the no longer available “tights – from the rooftops to the blacktops” mini-comics and unused comic pages that would later inspire the events in recent story arcs.

96pgs b/w TPB

Get it here: https://mega

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