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Kickstarter is 83% Funded!

Kickstarter is 83% Funded! published on No Comments on Kickstarter is 83% Funded!
an image showcasing a Sticker set of characters from Mega maiden season 2

hey! great news we’re hitting the home stretch on the Kickstarter for season 3 issue 1 aka Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1. To celebrate how far we’ve made it I’m adding a second sticker set add-on of characters from season 2. including characters like the royal terrors and Amazon tits and cockblock lol and more!

if you haven’t backed it yet, don’t miss out on your chance to experience the start of the whole Nega Maiden arc in full-color for the first time!

Kickstarter launched!!!!!

Kickstarter launched!!!!! published on No Comments on Kickstarter launched!!!!!

Yo! I just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Mega Maiden: Welcome Home!(aka season 3 #1)

It’s about the lives of two punk girl besties who like punching crims and super vills for fun! lol

please go check it out, back it, and/or share it!

Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1

Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1 published on No Comments on Mega Maiden: Welcome Home! #1

I’m back with a new campaign! This time around I decided to start publishing each season(starting with season 3) as mini-series. But I definitely didn’t want to just give you something you can already get for free, so I went ahead and colored each and every page!

so the campaign has pre-launched on Kickstarter, so head on over there and sign up to get notifications. like that you won’t miss when it goes live.


Issues in print update 6/3/24

Issues in print update 6/3/24 published on No Comments on Issues in print update 6/3/24

I’ve mentioned before about publishing physical issues. so here’s where we’re with that –

I decided to start with season 3, aka the soft reboot. But it’d be lame to publish it as is. so I’ve begun to color the pages. I’m almost halfway through the first issue. once I have it done, I’ll take it to Kickstarter to try to get it done and in people’s hands.

just thought I’d give y’all an update on this.

Kickstarter Update (week 1)

Kickstarter Update (week 1) published on No Comments on Kickstarter Update (week 1)

We got the Kickstarter for Mega Maiden omnibus 1 up to 21% over the weekend! Let’s see if we can’t get it up to 40% this week!
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